• Pipeline Services
    The well trained personnel,
    relying on their expertise,
    and the complete set of
    equipment, have given us
    the capability to you with
    whatever you need in the
    field of pipeline services,

  • Industry
    Industry leader in service tools
    lines in their
    pipe, to all industries, including
    oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation
    water treatment, steel, and ...

  • Past and Future
    Being honored as the
    most prestigious
    company in the field
    of hot tapping and
    line stopping since
    1997 in Iran. We have
    the vision to be the
    industry first choice
    in pipeline services,

  • Safety
    Always the first priority
    We are proud to work for 15 years
    No accidents
    No injury.

PSA News
Improvemen in R&D section
PSA is going to broaden the areas of the services. Mr.S.H. Mirhadizadeh, the Managing Director, said "in a short time, we will employ some other expetrs to improve the research & development (R&D) in our company".
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Pishgam Sanat Abzar Co., the Iran’s well recognized name, is the most trustable choice when it comes to deliver the unique pipeline services.
Being founded in 1997, our company started fast developing by gathering highly experienced engineers together and outfitting workshops with the most advanced technologies and equipment. Passing all Ups and Downs, we have found the way of being most trustable choice for the service demandants. We have increased the area of manufacturing sites and this lead us to be one of the most prestigious and known companies in the field of fabrication of pipeline facilities such as fittings and flanges.

• Oil and Gas production and transmission
• Petrochemical industries
• Cement production industry
• Steel making and processing industries
• Water treatment plants
• Power plants

We are confidently sure that we can do the best in the fields of pipeline services in any other industry which calls us for solution.
Countact PSA
Pishgam Sanat Abzar Co
Main Office:

No 372,3rd
floor, Abzar&Yaraghcenter , Imam
khomaini street, Tehran, Iran

Manufacturing site:

No. 3,15th St., Rezvanieh,
kamalshahr, karaj, Iran.